Power Karaoke

Power Karaoke

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Would you like to turn your computer into interactive karaoke player allowing to burn, create and play karaoke songs? Are you searching for a complete video karaoke solution for playing and creating karaoke discs at home? You’ve come to the right place as Power Karaoke specializes in developing the extensive range of software products, including karaoke creating, karaoke burning, karaoke playing, karaoke copying and karaoke recording software tailored for any particular needs.
Our amazing DVD video karaoke burning program makes it easy and fast to create DVD discs from karaoke songs allowing to play CD+G karaoke on any DVD player and create DVD discs with video karaoke songs. By using karaoke player software from Power Karaoke, you are able to host hot karaoke party from the comfort of your own home while recording your voice and creating professional karaoke songbooks. More about powerful and affordable programs to create karaoke files on your PC fast and easily you may find online at powerkaraoke.com.



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